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The most simple and compliant payment processing system for cash-only businesses.

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What the . . . ?

No need to feel like you must carry cash to be a consumer at your favorite taco stand. Now credit cards are acceptable in any type of business, so long as they accept DispoCoins as payment for their product.

DispoPay Inc. is registered in Colorado

DispoPay Inc. was registered on April 18th, 2017 in the colorful state of Colorado.

DispoCoin’s are a real currency

DispoCoin’s can be exchanged for your desired currency, and can be loaded directly into your PayPal, bank account, or however you see fit! See the Trademark of this currency.

Before we get started

Let’s clear up some common misconceptions of this system, and fully explain how this system is compliant, safe, and just how it works.

What are DispoCoins? And why?

DispoCoins are valued at $0.01. They can then be exchanged for any legal currency across the globe, as well as be used in stores as a currency, to those who use our system. This is a way to keep our economy from collapsing from simply accepting revenue from any industry into the banks.

How can this be legal?

Barter and trading system. This system essentially turns any currency into DispoCoins, then prints a receipt stating the total amount of DispoCoins available for trade. The trade usually happens automatically, and you will receive the product you are purchasing using DispoCoins.

How much does it cost to start?

Registeration is always free, but to start accepting DispoCoins, and have a representative of DispoPay, Inc. install your P.O.S system,preform a demonstration of how a purchase will finalize, then present a contract form to start accepting DispoCoins immediately, cost $500. (If you schedule an appointment before 5/1/2018, you can about our $420 special.)

What are the fees?

The customer pays $0.50 + 3% to cover the processing fees on their purchases. Dispensaries pay 3% to use our services. So on a $10 purchase, the consumer will purchase 1110 DispoCoins and owners will be paid $9.30 for their sales.

How do I process DispoCoin purchases?

You can use your current computer setup and just buy a credit card swiper, or you have the option to receive a P.O.S system from us soon. Our first customers will receive P.O.S for no cost, thanking them for their early belief that we can change the future of payment processing.

How do I know a purchase is successful?

As soon as a successful payment is made, it will show up in your dashboard and in your orders tab. You may even her a little cah-ching!

How & when will I be paid?

Directly into your preferred payment method account. Transactions in the first 2 weeks of membership may take up to 48 hours to be seen in your account(s).

How are fradulent purchases handeled?

To avoid fraudulent purchases from happeneing, the consumers credit card information must match their state issued ID, or any other identifying documents that the storefront may require. If these do not match up, the cashier may not accept their card as payment.