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How to do it

When you sign up with DispoPay, you will be able to instantly process transactions many different ways, then have the amounts delivered to your hand in just about as many ways, including the elusive & mysterious credit and debit card. Our one of a kind service is made possible by our product the “DispoCoin“. You choose to accept dispocoin as currency in your store. Your customers purchase from us using their credit cards, and even from their own phone if you want. Then we deposit the earnings to you. This makes you a DispoCoin merchant, and dispocoins can only be purchased with plastic cards. Nice, huh? Yeah, we changed the industry forever. So hurry up and get started because you are missing out!

We made this easy and painless for everybody involved and the process goes like this:

  1. Sign up with DispoPay, and log in (once you sign up you are automatically logged in… easy).
  2. Provide your payout details on your Deposit Settings page. You can be paid by PayPal (for fastest deposits), ACH, Bitcoin, Money Wire, etc..
  3. Come back to the home page and get your links at the bottom of this page (below the divider).

Your Virtual Terminal to Process Payments on Your Internet Connected Device:

All that’s left is to go to to this link to make purchases (MUST be logged in to get your link or it will not work!) *Your username MUST be at the end of this link or you will not get credited for your sales:


Make this link your home page (or keep it very handy) so it is always open to process the next customer payment. Be sure to check ID’s when you process credit/debit card payments! Yes, we protect from fraud, money laundering and chargebacks, but remember you are the 1st line of defense so make sure their card and their government issued picture id match. All that protection is in place so that everybody can conduct business as usual without fear of being involved in any illegal activity, and it took a long time to get it all in place, too.

Generate a QR Code for Instant Mobile Payments

This way, your customers can pay with their cell phone while you are fulfilling their order and you can serve them faster without having to hassle with the traditional cash transaction.

  1. Additionally, you can Print up a QR code and tape it to your counter. How to do that is easy too. Copy this link: https://dispopay.com/product/dispocoin
  2. Your QR code is the bottom box on this page. Paste that link in the very bottom box on that page and click generate. You will have a QR Code to print up and tape to your counter.

Once payment goes through you can receive notifications or check your dashboard. It credits instantly when payment is secured!

Refer Dispos and Earn lifetime commissions!

Here is your referral link to share with other store owners and make a commission from their sales (Must be logged in to see the right link.. it should have your username at the end of it):


Yes, you really will get paid for every sale that any dispo you refer to us processes through our system.

We give back to the community.

The best part is, DispoPay profit is used to naturally heal people from horrible things like cancer and addiction. That is why we started this and hopefully we can make a positive impact on the world.

Welcome to the future of Dispensary Payments.