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Partner Payment Flow

On your Computer – manually type payment information. all cards accepted.

Swipe a Card – Swipe Cards, type in Expiry and CVV. All cards accepted.

  1. Go to your special link available in your dashboard. Make sure your username is at the end of it or you will not get credit. When you go to it, your username will disappear to keep everything private. So make sure you go to the proper link. It says “dispocoin” and has your username in it.
  2. Interact and make sale normally. 1 dispocoin is 1 cent. so on a $10 purchase, you will enter 1000. After the proper amount of coins added to cart, the network and convenience fees show. $0.50 + 5%. Example: on a $10 purchase the total will be $11. If any changes are needed, change the amount of dispocoins and click “update cart” and a new total will show.
  3. Then proceed to the checkout page, and only enter card info on that screen. If you have the card swiper, you will click in the card # box, and swipe the card. Then type in the expiration and CVV numbers in the right boxes. We make you type this on purpose to combat fraud (yes it is overkill and we know it). Otherwise you can just type it all in and press the “pay” button.
  4. Successful payment will show a receipt and send emails. Unsuccessful payment will simply show declined card on the same page, and will leave a pending transaction on your account reports. At the end of the day, all successful payments are credited to your dispopay account and will show in your report pages. All unsuccessful ones will be deleted at that time also… this may cause your visible balance to fluctuate but if you keep track of successful payments made through the site, and you will see everything match up, minus our fees which are automatically deducted.
  5. Your money will be processed to you as it becomes available, usually about a week at first, then goes to 2 days after about a month. ACH is the most popular withdraw method, but others are available, just ask!

Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill the contact form and we will get with you as soon as we see it.